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Yes we can do it all, That is to say everything Geek ofcourse, we offer  services like PC maintenance and repairs, web and graphic design, Digital marketing, Virus removal, Cyber Security, Server Solutions, as well as general Social Media Advertising.

PC Web Graphic Geek
PC Web Graphic Geek
PC Web Graphic Geek

PC Repairs

Have you restarted the machine twice? OK So it may be broken, things like these happen on a daily basis, Our Geeks are ready and always happy😁 to help you with any problem big or small, so give us a call, We can have you back up and running in no time.

Network Installations

In case you didn’t know, a network🤓 consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources like printers and files.

Cyber Security

If You’ve ever had a virus🕷, You Should Know a Antivirus should be one of your main concerns, viruses like Trojans and Malware can cause significant damage and also be quite difficult to get rid of, Have no Fear Our geeks have you covered, from Removal to Custom Firewalls and Network Integrations, we do it all.

Server Solutions

Its not important until it happens to you, Cyber 👾 crime has never been more healthy Infections like malware and ransomware are installed on you PC without you even knowing about it,  and just as the name implies, your files could be held for ransom.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing is only one avenue of digital marketing, our integration of Next-Gen animations will boost your visibility and profits

Web Development

Having a presence on the world wide web is essential in obtaining a potential customers trust, most people decide if a website is worth looking at during the first 3 seconds, First impressions are cardinal to a company’s overall success, more views and longer  user interaction means more sales conversions

Domain Hosting

We offer a wide range of Domain Hosting Packages, All of them Custom designed to accommodate all of your needs.

We only use Linux hosting servers to insure maximum uptime this is also the corner stone of our Media integration as it pertains to Web Development.

Check Out Our Latest Productions

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a Video speaks Millions, In our latest production, we’ve listed and provided samples of all the Services The Geek Factory has on Offer, If you don’t like money, Ignore this marketing strategy…Or… Contact Us @

In a digital world visibility is crucial, It provides customers with peace of mind in choosing a business they intend to use, a physical presence on the world wide web is essential if you want to be considered trust worthy.

We offer all sorts of packages to suit your wallet. But what separates us from the rest? You ask? We specialize in all areas of digital marketing, We provide Video Production, Photography, Social Media Marketing, Info-graphics, Logo Stings and so much more...

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Social Media

Demo Sting – Particle Trail Reveal

Demo Sting – Circle Trail Reveal

Logo Animation

The Geek Factory – Hi-Tech Logo Reveal

The Geek Factory – Hi-Tech Logo Sting

Video Info-Graphics

The Geek Factory – Next Gen Info-Graphic Demo

The Geek Factory Video Marketing Info-graphic

The Geek Factory Digital Presentation 2019


We Specialize in a wide variety of Photography such as Functions, Weddings, Concerts, Guesthouses as well as Product photography.

Animated Video

Online video has seen a rise in viewers of up 249% Since 2017 – We specialize in Logo transitions and info-graphics – Don’t miss this trend

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designers are second to none, No Pixilation, No Bad Quality, Just HD, Graphics so crisp you can almost touch it.

Video Production

By Specializing in the services mentioned to the left and combining them with the latest Black Magic and go-pro equipment, We are able to record breathtaking footage in 4K Raw resolution, and Render Breath taking experiences.