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MTN Fixed LTE is a best effort service with no minimum service levels offered. Speeds will differ and no minimum speeds are guaranteed. Many factors determine the speed and quality of service which will be achieved such as but not limited to, distance, weather, interference around and within the property.

The service is a monthly billed service which will continue on a month to month basis until cancelled. Cancellations require a calendar months’ notice and must be submitted via the Control Panel (Purchases on Promotion may carry additional T’s & C’s), cancellations cannot be set on the last 2 days of each month. The service can be set to upgrade or downgrade at any time (before the 25th of each month) but the new service will only be effective from the 1st of the following month provided no Service Change rules are in place (Refer to Policies and Procedures – Service Changes).

You are able to purchase additional data should your monthly allocation run out. This is a once off purchase which you pay for immediately. Unused topup data will rollover for one month. E.g. Purchase 10GB of Topup data on 15 October, 6GB is used up until 31 October, the remaining 4GB will be carried over to November and will be available to use up until 30 November, thereafter it will fall away. Data that has over run the available data total will be deducted from your next top-up. Example, 100GB purchased, 105GB used before capping takes place, top-up with 10GB only 5GB will be allocated.

Unused monthly data as well as topup data will rollover for 1 month. At the start of each month the rolled over data (monthly and topup) will be used first, once exhausted the monthly allocation will be used.

Night time data (where applicable) is free data that is available to use everyday between 12am and 6am. Data used during these hours will be deducted from the Night time available data balance. When Night time data is depleted, the available monthly data will be used. Night time data is Promotional data and The Geek Factory PTY[LTD] reserves the right to withdraw it should it be deemed necessary.

This service is a Fixed LTE service which is only available on LTE Technology (excludes 3G and 2G technologies). The service is only available at pre-defined locations as provided by MTN. During the sign up process availability will be determined according to the address provided, this is due to service availability being limited per location/area in order to provide an optimal service experience. The sim will be locked to the location provided at sign up, this location must also be the location where the first connection is made and cannot be used at another location. We reserve the right to permanently suspend and cancel a service that is found to be moved to different geographical locations often. MTN will allow one change in location per year, please provide us with 30 days’ notice thereof in order for us to submit the request timeously. Should the new location not be within MTN Fixed LTE Coverage the service will need to be cancelled. The standard cancellation policy and applicable fees will apply.

MTN have specific hardware requirements, as such the devices supplied by The Geek Factory PTY[LTD] with the MTN Fixed LTE service are those approved by ICASA and MTN.

Should a client opt to purchase their own device it must be one of the MTN approved Cat6 devices listed below, please note that using a non-approved device will result in the service being blocked.

  • Huawei B618
  • Huawei B525
  • Huawei B612
  • ZTE MF286C

The approved LTE Devices carry a 12 month Warranty if ordered through The Geek Factory PTY[LTD] with their SIM, device warranty claims for the Recommended LTE Devices will be handled by The Geek Factory PTY[LTD] who will deal directly with the Supplier on the clients behalf.

In line with the Consumer Protection Act, The Geek Factory PTY[LTD] has a 5 business day return policy. Units returned must be returned as shipped (i.e. same cosmetic condition and all shipped packaging, parts and accessories included) to be eligible for refund or exchange. If the router is returned within 5 days from delivery it will be refunded or replaced with a new unit provided the unit is returned in the same condition it was received. The cost of returning the device is the responsibility of the client and will be charged to the clients account.

On the day of purchase a prorata invoice and prorata data will be allocated and debited accordingly. The payment methods that will be accepted for the purchase and renewal of the service are Credit Card and Debit Order, please note that any other services already on the Profile which the purchase is being made on will automatically update to Credit Card/Debit Order. The SIM and Device will be delivered within 7 business days from the date of order, provided payment has cleared (payment clearance can take up to 5 days). Once delivered please allow up to 48 hours from the time the SIM Card is inserted into the device for the data to be allocated.

The purchase of the MTN Fixed LTE service is subject to RICA and you will be required to provide certain documentation when signing up as well as on delivery of the device/SIM, the requirements will be communicated to you. Clients will provide their RICA documents to the courier on delivery and the documents will be sent to The Geek Factory PTY[LTD], as such please be advised that your personal details will be received by the courier, courier company and The Geek Factory PTY[LTD]. Your personal details will only be used for the purpose of RICA and for no other reason provided it is not required by law.

Sim swops will be processed where possible at no charge. The delivery fee for the new sim will however be charged to the clients account.