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This is the approach of a lot of IT companies, But what if you could have all three, well you can.

The Geek Factory located in Bloemfontein Offers PC Sales, Upgrades and Repairs, Our work is Always good we work fast and our  prices are very affordable.

Here are a few things to watch out for...


There are generally 4 Classes of CPU (Central Processing Unit – The CPU is like Your Brain) so an i3 is Basically Forest Gump while the i9 is like your Stephen Hawking (a really Smart Person)

    1. i3 – Entry-level
    2. i5 – Mid Level
    3. i7 – Top Level
    4. i9 – Ultimate


Or Random Access Memory is a very important basic necessity RAM is like your short term memory, the more you have of it the quicker you can accomplish tasks, whereas if you only have a little, things are going to take a bit longer. Have no fear RAM upgrades are possible.

Hard Drives

This is Extremely Important, a Hard drive is like your long term memory, anything you save winds up on your HDD, surely most of us already know the differences between the above mentioned, but did you know that we live in a time of Technological marvels, Although your notebook might have an i5 Processor, Eight gigabytes of ram and a 2TB hard drive, you might be experiencing a lack of speed, this is because that 2TB hard drive of yours is still using old mechanical parts that are guaranteed to fail, By Upgrading your primary hard drive to an SSD or solid-state drive will significantly boost your notebooks speed and overall performance, but don’t worry about your data, you can still store that on your 2TB just remember to ask for it when if your notebook has already been upgraded.

HDD Warranty’s

When You buy a hard drive you actually get a guarantee with your hard drive in case it should break within its 3 to 5-year life cycle, If your hard drive is still under warranty it will be replaced completely free of charge. And its easier to check than you think., Just Click Here To Check.

The Price Tag

The Price tag is usually an indication of the effectiveness of a pc, however, with technology changing at a daily rate, it’s still easy to get bamboozled, for instance, It has Officially been announced by Microsoft that Windows 7 will no longer be supported as of the 14th Of January 2020. So keep this in mind when you are purchasing a PC.

This is where our Expert experience can help you

We have been in the industry for more than a decade and we don’t know the meaning of the word NO. Technology has taken us from landlines to cellphones to smart homes, from libraries to google, ANY IT Challenge can be overcome

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We can preform our IT support onsite, in our office or remotely via an internet connection, making support more in reach than ever.

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