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Premium Online Store



  • 5 – 10-page responsive CMS website with customized graphics and layout
  • Up to 500 Products
  • Up to 10 customized online contact order or enquiry forms which direct to specified emails
  • 1 Animated header/slideshow consisting of 3 – 10 slides
  • Sitewide navigation
  • Up to 15 featured page sections on home page
  • 1 Call to action section or tagline section
  • Unlimited galleries
  • Google map Inserts and links to directions on Google Maps
  • Company branch directory
  • Copy protection
  • Search engine optimization
  • Site and images optimized for optimal speed
  • Social network links from the website to profiles
  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year domain registration
  • Firewall and general site security


  • Annual domain registration
  • Bi-weekly updates and maintenance
  • Domain hosting

Terms & Conditions

  • Once the website has been completed, we will send you a link to review the site before it goes live.
  • Final revisions will be made and the site will be launched.
  • The development schedule for large e-commerce sites may vary.

Clients Responsibilities

  • All written content for your website.
  • Logo and all gallery images (e.g., photos/images/graphics)
  • Product names, prices and descriptions.
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