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Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity Design Service

Despite the popular belief that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, as buyers, we often do this whilst making purchases. The Geek Factory will make sure your brand’s “cover” is one to remember and irresistible to buy.

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The concept that a corporate identity design reflects

A corporate identity includes much more than just a logo, it’s a reflection of a company’s personality and its way of working. As a corporate identity design company, our job is to capture these elements with a creative visual concept that leaves a remarkable impression on your target audience. A logo design is part of a corporate identity, but corporate identity design is a much broader field. At The Geek Factory, brand identity company, we offer a comprehensive corporate identity package that includes all the visual elements you need to have a versatile and striking corporate identity.

Compelling corporate identity design: a strategy to succeed

A corporate identity design includes guidelines for the creation of a web pagebrochures, and digital commercial catalogs. Means of communication that are part of a company’s marketing plan. Therefore, a good corporate identity manual is essential for the right performance of a brand. The Geek Factory’s corporate identity services focus on designing unique and eye-catching visual elements that represent your company’s personality and, thus, allow you to captivate your customers and succeed in the market.